Lighting Options


All of our lighting is computer controlled, allowing us to systematically match your chosen colors and program exciting chase sequences for when the dancing begins. We use LED technology, which means the lights never heat up…making them safe to the touch.

Wireless Battery Powered LED Uplighting

Event Lighting | Transform any room instantly. Accent lighting, on decor will highlight the areas to enhance them beyond compare.  Full room uplighting changes the color of room to match the colors of your event.  The right lighting can transform your party or wedding reception into a luxurious and elegant occasion that will take your guests breath away. Our advanced  LED’s uplighting will bring the room to life with customizable colors that can stay the same, fade, or change with the music.  Mix your LED color with intelligent lighting to customize your event with beautiful colors, patterns and texture.

GOBO / Monogram Lighting

Your name in lights, Adds a personal touch to any party & elegance to a wedding reception.

Pin Spot Lighting

We offer a wireless pin spot lighting service that will greatly enhance your centerpiece decorations and wedding cake, casting them aglow in a warm-white, magical light in a darkened room. Pin spots will give your beautiful wedding cake and flowers the attention they deserve, adding great aesthetic value to them.  Our spotlights  are small and wireless so we can install them safely in almost any banquet room or event center

LED & Intelligent Lighting


You can also add extra LED Party lights to raise the energy of the event with intelligent lighting.  Your party will take on a “Club” effect with the addition of extra dance floor lighting and Fog .